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"STILL LIFE" (2014)

I'm somewhere between anywhere. The passenger seat of a car. My life is in upheaval. I'm returning to a home that's just the same but deeply changed. My earbuds are in; the driver and I aren't speaking. I'm wearing the hoodie I've had since high school, with holes on the cuffs and a big rip in the right pocket. The sky is pale blues and pinks. My melancholy is suddenly given shape, sound, a voice. From the first track to the last, my grief sings in a tired voice, carried to the end only by inertia, momentum. There's acceptance in the ache. My home is ahead now. It's dark.

Favorites: "Discoloration," "Sleight Orchestra," "Swing," "The Beekeeper," "Chevrotain," "Last Train"


"R.A.P. MUSIC" (2012)

Stuck on a roadtrip, in an endless ocean of flat gray fields ruled by metal windmills, tired of the same Modest Mouse album for the umpteenth town, I randomly listen to an album that changes my life. It makes my heart pound like nothing I'd ever heard. It introduces me to rap. It blows open my ideas of art. To this day I haven't heard an album better. Its effect can be felt in every area of my life. This is that album.

Favorites: "Untitled," "Southern Fried," "Reagan," "Anywhere But Here," "R.A.P. Music"



In a pandemic, after my birthday. Lost, alone, confused, scared, and older. It's an empty, chilly night with a bit of wind, so I sit in my dead car, tires flat, engine ossified. The dashboard catches the glow of my phone. A flashing tower light illuminates the side of my house. I smoke. My radio is tuned to Oneohtrix Point Never. Oneohtrix Point Never is tuned to me.

Favorites: "Long Road Home," "I Don't Love Me Anymore," "No Nightmares," "Imago," "Lost But Never Alone"



It's a hot late-summer, early-autumn in-between night. The sun is down, the moon is out, but the world is still bright. I'm wearing sandals, and moving in and out of the house to get smokes and smoke them under the clear sky. It's another moment that shatters my musical tastes open. Finding something that feels like such a perfect fit but you've just never given a chance. Brighter, lighter. Compassionate. I see colors I've never seen before, I feel things I thought were withered away.

Favorites: "Grow," "Stayaway," "Number One Fan," "Who," "Pink Light," "It's Gonna Be Okay, Baby"


"NO NOW" (2015)

Standing on the porch, rain attacking the metal roof, shielding myself from the wind with a sideways umbrella. I'm secretly lighting my last smoke (for the moment). It's some time past 2 am but I'm not remotely tired. It's a warm night. Lightning flashes the sky deep pinks and purples, and it seems to flash forever. I sit on the porch next to the umbrella and listen to this emotional grand tour, an album of its own genre, without equal, a pop album made of everything that is and isn't pop.

Favorites:"Those Who Can't, Cheat," "Bloodbarf," "Porn Mountain," "1-800-Worship," "Cancer in the Water"

about the playlist...
"After hours and hours of careful and difficult planning, arrangement, and review, the best playlist ever has been finished. The artiste, known only as DREAMCULT, used their mega brain ability to eschew expectation and flavoriate our eardrums with excellent tunes and dope beats, of both mainstream and superindie variety. Each track flows like honey into the next, and it has highs and lows as well as, impressively, loose genre and style associations. Obviously, whoever made this playlist not only listens to music, but likes music as well, something that is truly rare. Nothing will ever beat this. I quit my job as a music reporter, renounce my worldly belongings, and dedicate my soul to the quest for the sasquatch."
-Blake Sporley, SPIN
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